Words of Praise for Mazes & Minotaurs

Mazes & Minotaurs is frankly amazing. It captures the wahoo spirit of early rpgs but in its own distinct style and with an incredibly tight design that takes advantage of mechanical developments since those early days. One of the very few A+, five star designs I've seen in recent years. Of all the dozens of games I own, this is one a small handful I consider a Must Play. (Jeff Rients)

Thanks for the cool game, Herr Legrand ! (Privateer)

I just read Mazes & Minotaurs for the first time yesterday and, yeah, it really does capture the light, gee-whiz feel of early RPGs while putting a fresh spin on it all. (Joshua Neff)

I'm having a blast running it so far. Homeric combat can be brutal ! (Nemo)

I've never seen this before - and I soooo want to run it ! (Mike «Indrodar»)

Dude, this is free? Including the supplements ? Wow. (Red Fox)

It looks very well put together and the whole heroic Greek take is what I always wanted D&D to be, but it wasn't. (Rstites)

This book and it's supplements are a real treat (...) It's like Hackmaster attitude meeting C&C playability. For free ! (Cyrus Darkblade)

Mazes & Minotaurs does an incredible job of combining the best of "Old School" and modern into a fun, tight fantasy RPG. This game is a remarkable accomplishment (Richard R.)

I hope the authors decide to publish and sell a print version with professional layout and art. It would certainly take the gaming world by storm. (Spinachcat)

With Mazes & Minotaurs, the perfect spot is hit ! I'd really really would like to see a boxed set. Salute to this tribute to olde skool gaming ! (Ola Berg)

I downloaded the game a few days ago and I love it! My wife took one look at and was instantly taken, demanding I run a game. (Jaydee)

Simply, I love this game. It is inspired and inspiring. (Orion Cooper)

I just read through this game (and its two supplements) over the weekend and I think it's fantastic. M&M is a great ancient world RPG that really captures the flavor of Greek mythology. The system is simple, but impressive. (Shapiro Keats)

It's easily the most funny piece of gaming humor I've ever read. (Tetsujin 28)

Where are the Zeus-blasted sailing rules? And am i the only person that considers nymph's to have a huge potential for power abuse? And forcing heroism down my char's throat while i just want to kill and take stuff ? (Oblivious Ignorant Elf)

What's wrong with the sailing rules ? (Olivier Legrand)

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