Well, in case anyone still has any doubt about this : none of these modules or supplements were ever published in the first place. For now, they are just a list of titles... But wait ! What if someone actually wrote them ? Wouldn't it be a cool idea ?

If you want to write one of these modules (or participate in the creation of one of the supplements – some of which are already underway as you are reading this), just e-mail me to let me know, stating which title you want to use for your adventure (some of them may have already been selected by other authors in the big Legendary Games Studio revival league) and your general idea. Want to write a classic, zero-roleplaying cavern crawl full of monsters and treasure ? Fine ! Want to write a machiavelian maze with lots of traps, riddles and puzzles ? Fine ! Want to write a wilderness adventure with plenty of hex-grid maps and encounter tables ? Fine ! Want to write a more sophisticated scenario involving lots of roleplaying and NPCs interaction ? Fine ! Want to write ANYTHING for M&M ? Just let me know !

With a little imagination, talent and humor, you too can take part in the M&M odyssey !