Scenarios & Supplements

Here is a comprehensive list of all rules, modules, supplements and accessories ever published for Mazes & Minotaurs by Legendary Games Studio. Also included are a few supplements which were periodically announced but never published ; these are marked with a (u). Are there plans to re-issue those supplements and modules ?  Click here to find out.

Original Rules

Mazes & Minotaurs : This is a PDF fac-simile of the 1972 original rulesbook.

Revised Rules NEW !!!

This is the second edition of the game, originally published in 1987 in the form of three (well, actually four) books :

Game Supplements (original edition)

M&M Official Errata : A must-have for any self-respecting RPG.

Men & Monsters : The first supplement ever published for M&M. It described three new classes (Hunter, Thief and Centaur), presented a few extra rules and several new creatures, including Acteons and Automatons.

Myth & Magic : The second supplement, describing four new magic-using classes (Elementalist, Shapeshifter, Lyrist and Oracle) along with their specific brands of magic and a host of new mythic items, including several unique artefacts.

Hekatoteratos : The Book of 100 Creatures !

Spear & Shield (u) : Mass combat system and miniature rules.

Tritons & Triremes (u) : The mythical nautical supplement for M&M ; it would have contained (among other things) detailed rules on ships, sailing and sea battles, an extended undersea bestiary and an extensive section on nautical and underwater adventures.

Unveiled Addenda : A compendium of additional rules on a variety of topics.

Misdeeds & Madness : An apocryphal supplement (published by Justicars College) exploring the darker aspects of the M&M world – Satyrs, madness, necromancy, drunkenness etc.

Game Accessories

Maze Master’s Aegis : Yes, this was the official name for the game master’s screen…

Adventure Modules

M&M modules followed a double classification : series and trilogies. Series were general categories of unrelated scenarios, while trilogies consisted of three more or less related adventures.


There were four series : the A series (A for adventures ; scenarios set in a single location – mazes, caverns, ruined temples etc) ; the W series (for wilderness scenarios), the S series (sea adventures) and the M series (for « marathons », a few huge mega-modules with multiple locations and extensive source material).

A1 : Tomb of the Bull King

A2 : Cult of the Scorpion God

A3 : Labyrinth of Death

A4 : Temple of Doom

A5 : Caverns of Dread

A6 : Curse of the Manticore

A7 : Palace of the Sea Kings

A8 : Aegis Quest

A9 : Three Tasks of Theros

A10 : Maze of Madness

A11 : Ruins of Proteus

A12 : Shrine of the Sun God

A13 : A Game of Gods

A14 : Master of Riddles

A15 : Oracle of the Moon (u)

W1 : Forest of Fear

W2 : Mountains of Terror

W3 : Desert of Destiny

W4 : Griffin Pass

W5 : Adventures in Hyperborea

W6 : Test of the Amazons

W7 : Rage of the Centaurs

W8 : Fury of the Titans (u)


S1 : Isles of Peril

S2 : Ocean Odyssey

S3 : The Black Galley

S4 : Wrath of Poseidon

S5 : Unknown Shores

S6 : Beyond Atlantis  (u)


M1 : Into the Underworld

M2 : City of Solus

M3 : Necropolis

M4 : Gates of Arcadia

M5 : Land of the Sun (u)


B1 : Secret of Seriphos

B2 : Mystery of Minea

B3 : Zodiac of Zelthos

L1 : The Hidden Land

L2 : The Lost Kingdom

L3 : The Forgotten City


C1 : Callisto’s Challenge

C2 : Callisto’s Revenge

C3 : Callisto’s Triumph


V1 : Valley of Dawn

V2 : Swamp of Twilight

V3 : River of Night


R1 : King of Madness

R2 : Queen of Deceit

R3 : Prince of Chaos


U1 : Shadows of Lemuria

U2 : Legacy of Atlantis

U3 : Memories of Mu (u)


E1 : Sorcerer of Sybaris

E2 : Warlord of Umbria

E3 : Empress of Charybdis


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